Play Online Scratch Card Games at Mega Casino

If you’re a fan of scratch cards, then the Mega Casino selection of online scratch card games has everything you’ve been looking for. Our catalogue boasts a range of different scratch cards covering a plethora of different themes and styles. So why not scratch that itch and try your luck with our online scratch cards?

What are online scratchcards?

What are online scratchcards?

Scratch cards can be a fun way of gambling. They have been a staple of the British gambling scene for decades and now players can try their luck with them online. Online scratch cards are exactly what they say on the tin. They take standard scratch card games and change them into a digital format. This has allowed developers to get more creative over the years, and you will find them with a range of different themes and in some cases, bonus features as well. These can include free turns, multipliers, and more. Most scratch cards will play out in a similar way to physical ones, but that isn’t to say that you shouldn't expect some surprises from time to time.

What are online scratchcards?

How do you play online scratchcard games?

How do you play online scratchcard games?

Like traditional scratch cards, the beauty of online scratch cards lie in their simplicity. To play any of these scratch card games, players need to select their stake and hit the designated play button. They can then either scratch the areas off one at a time to reveal the symbols beneath them, or they can click reveal all, and have all of them get scratched away at the same time. Players will then be able to determine whether or not they have based on the number of matching symbols that they have scored.

How do you play online scratchcard games?

FAQ Online Scratch Cards

  • How do online scratch cards work?

    Online scratch cards work in the same way that standard scratch cards do. Players need to ‘scratch’ away at a designated area to reveal either a symbol or a cash-prize. Managing to score a pre-designated combination of symbols or prizes will then provide you with a win.

  • What are the odds of winning on scratchcards?

    The odds of winning on a scratch card will vary depending on which scratch card you are playing. The odds for most online scratch cards tend to vary from 1 in 3 to 1 in 5.

  • How do you know if you have won on a scratchcard?

    The winning criteria will vary from scratch card to scratch card but typically, players need to land a combination of three or more in order to score a win. To see the winning requirements for designated cards, be sure to check out their rules when you load the game up.

  • How long do I have until I can claim my prize?

    Unlike real scratch cards where you have to wait to claim your prize, your winnings will be credited to your casino account almost instantaneously with an online version. In terms of withdrawing the money to your bank account or e-wallet, this will depend on the method that you choose to use.

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